Our Open Source Contribution

February 16, 2023

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new template for the open source vulnerability scanner Nuclei. Nuclei is a powerful tool for quickly identifying vulnerabilities in web applications and APIs. Templates can be easily used to create or customize new individual tests or vulnerability checks.

Our new template is designed specifically for the Caddy Open Redirect security vulnerability we discovered with CVE-2022-28923. This vulnerability allows attackers to redirect users to malicious websites and thus steal sensitive information or load malicious code onto the victim's machine.

Screenshot der Kommandozeilenausgabe mit dem von uns erstellten nuclei-template

By using our new template in combination with Nuclei, admins can quickly and easily check their infrastructure for the presence of the vulnerability and identify systems affected by this vulnerability.

We hope that our new Nuclei template will help make the Internet a little safer every day.

Link to the Pull Request on GitHub: