External IT Security Contact (security.txt)

Every day new and also already known security vulnerabilities are discovered by IT security researchers, bug bounty hunters and white-hat hackers. By placing a special file with contact details on your website, you can benefit from those discoveries. 

As your partner for IT security, we take on the role of your external IT security contact, checking and filtering all incoming reports, thus ensuring that you only receive verified reports as well as recommendations for action to mitigate the security risks.

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Vulnerability Scan

A vulnerability scan is an essential IT security measure, for checking the security level of systems and applications. We offer vulnerability scans on external and internal systems as well as web applications. 

Using anti-virus software and a firewall alone is not enough to protect against various hacker attacks. As a first IT security measure, continuous vulnerability scans should be performed in order to be able to react as quickly as possible to both already known and new security vulnerabilities. As your partner for IT security, we support you with our expertise. Vulnerability scans managed by us are an efficient and fundamental investment to protect your business.

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Penetration Test

Penetration tests are used to identify and evaluate both obvious and hidden vulnerabilities. The results are summarized together with corresponding recommendations for action in the form of a report. 

The number of hacker attacks on the digital infrastructures of companies is increasing daily. Due to the extensive threat situation and diverse attack possibilities for cyber criminals, regularly conducted penetration tests are necessary to secure the systems and applications in use. Our services include external and internal penetration tests as well as attack simulations on your company.

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IT Security Consulting

We value individual, targeted and comprehensive consulting and offer you our expertise on IT security and data protection topics. 

We will answer your questions and advise you on the following topics, among others: Securing and restoring data, developing security strategies, creating threat assessments, vulnerability reporting procedures, minimizing dependencies on third-party vendors, encrypting files and emails, etc.

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