Cyber Security

Do you have questions or need qualified information regarding the cyber security of your company? Contact us, we attach great importance to individual and targeted consulting and offer you our expertise on the following IT security topics, among others:

  • Data Backup and Recovery
    We advise you on the optimal backup of your company's data so that it can be easily and quickly restored in the event of a successful hacker attack.
  • Development of Security Strategies
    As your IT security partner, we work with you to develop the appropriate security strategies to safeguard your internal and external infrastructure. We consider both technical and organizational measures, such as the use of vulnerability scanners, the planning of penetration tests and the introduction of policies for your employees.
  • Vulnerability Reporting Procedure
    Your company should offer the possibility for vulnerability and security gap reports to be submitted to you confidentially by security researchers, white-hat hackers and honest finders. We assist you in setting up appropriate communication channels as well as the correct procedure for handling reported security vulnerabilities.
  • Creation of Threat Analyses
    Every company is unique. Therefore, a customized threat analysis for your company can be a wise investment for taking effective security measures. Need help creating a threat analysis for your business? We provide you with our expertise.
  • Implementation of 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    The most effective protection against unauthorized access to user accounts is to implement multi-factor authentication. We advise you on the optimal implementation of 2FA for the respective scope of application.


Data Protection

The aspect of data protection is often considered separately from IT security, although the two topics are closely linked. This leads to the fact that many systems may be operated securely, but not in a data protection-friendly manner.
For this reason, we also offer our consulting services especially for the following data protection topics:

  • Minimizing Dependencies on Third-Party Providers
    Any integration of resources via third-party providers, e.g. content delivery networks (CDNs) or analytics service providers, is associated with data protection restrictions. To learn how your organization can minimize dependencies on third parties while regaining control over your own data, contact us - we'll advise you!
  • Independence from US Services
    Since the repeal of the Privacy Shield, the USA is no longer considered a safe third country, so that data transfer to the USA cannot be implemented in a data protection-compliant manner. Services such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Office 365 or Dropbox can therefore not be used without legal risks. We help you to find legally secure and privacy-friendly alternatives from the European Union.
  • Encryption of Files and E-mails
    The most efficient way to protect files and messages from unauthorized access is to encrypt them. We can help you implement simple and secure solutions to protect your company and customer data.