External IT Security Contact

None of the IT systems is 100% protected against security vulnerabilities and hacker attacks. Almost every day, all servers and applications accessible from the Internet are automatically checked for specific vulnerabilities.

The intention of cyber criminals is to abuse the discovered vulnerabilities to hack systems, encrypt and steal data, or use the hacked systems for their own purposes. IT security researchers and bug bounty hunters, on the other hand, usually want to inform the affected individuals and companies about their discoveries so that the vulnerable systems can be secured.

However, informing those affected about discovered IT security vulnerabilities and weaknesses is very difficult, as companies usually only provide general e-mail addresses or phone numbers on their company websites. Even after time-consuming manual research via the imprint or a contact page, security reports cannot be transmitted confidentially directly to the IT managers. Therefore, among a multitude of daily spam messages, the contacted company's employees must first recognize the real security notices, which is a challenge due to insufficient experience or security awareness. Incoming messages in foreign languages represent a further hurdle. If a potential language barrier has been overcome, internal processes are often not in place to process these messages effectively and securely.

Even after setting up IT security contacts, these can not only be found by IT security researchers, but also exploited by cyber criminals. Last but not least, there is also the risk that links or attachments, such as a supposed IT security report, may themselves contain malware.

Let our experts handle the filtering, analysis and management of IT security risks.
By setting up a specified security.txt file on your website with our data as your External IT Security Contact, you will benefit to the maximum from the incoming messages to strengthen your IT security.


Our service for you:
  • Filtering of incoming messages for spam and malware
  • Checking the notifications for plausibility
  • Verification of the security notifications
  • Assessing the risk to your systems
  • Report generation on verified security alerts
    incl. recommended actions for you and your service providers

IT Security Contact

365 €

  • Annual rate net incl.
  • Provisioning security.txt
  • Analysis and verification
    (up to 250 messages)
  • Report generation